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    If you were locked out of your house, would you still be able to get in? Maybe you keep an unlocked window in the back, or a hidden key in your mailbox or on top of a window ledge?

    You may think this is a good idea, but guess what? If you can break in, so can a burglar!

    One out of ten homes will be burglarized this year. For a small amount of time and money you can make your home more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim.

    Many burglars will spend no longer than 60 seconds trying to break into a home. Good locks - and good neighbors who watch out for each other - can be big deterrents to burglars.

    Check the locks

    Check the doors

    Check the outside

    Look at your house from the outside. Make sure you know the following tips.

    Consider an Alarm

    Burglars Do More Than Steal

    There's More You Can Do


    Weapons In The Home

    When we talk about violence, we can't ignore weapons. Nine out of ten murders involve a weapon - eight of ten involve a firearm. Most robberies involve the use of a weapon, most frequently a handgun.

    One in seven teens has reported carrying a weapon - like a bat, club, gun, or knife - at some time to protect himself. Weapons can make violence more deadly and less personal. A gun in the home increases the likelihood of homicide three times and the likelihood of suicide five times.

    Reduce the risk

    Stop violence

    Take action in your community

    For More Information

    Center to Prevent Handgun Violence
    1225 Eye Street, NW, Room 1100
    Washington, DC 20005

    National School Safety Center
    4165 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Ste 290
    Westlake Village, CA 91362


    Rural Crime Prevention

    Don't let your guard down just because you live in the country. Rural communities have their own unique crime problems - like theft of crops, timber, livestock, and expensive farm equipment. Vandals do more than break mailboxes, they can destroy crops and fields. Alcohol and drug abuse problems plague rural youth as well as those in the suburbs and cities. And of course, crimes like burglary, rape, assault, and auto theft happen in rural areas, but less frequently than in cities.

    Invest some time and money in prevention now. What's the payoff? Better security around your property, less worry about crime and your family's safety.

    Be a good neighbor - when you're out and about, keep an eye on neighbors' homes, livestock, and equipment. Tell them and the sheriff or police about anything that makes you uneasy or suspicious.

    Check the doors and locks

    Check the outside

    Protect equipment and livestock

    Guard your crops

    Help your neighbors

    Take a stand


    Apartment Watch

    Just like Neighborhood Watch, members of an Apartment Watch learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and their community, and report crime and suspicious activities to the police. Here are some ways to get an Apartment Watch going and growing.


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